Homecoming Africa 2018

October 11, 2018

The third quarter of university has been one of the most intense experiences of my life. This thing is not easy at all. Which is why Homecoming Africa 2018 was the perfect way for me to let loose and breathe for a while right at the beginning of recess. I bought my ticket around the beginning of August and I remember feeling like the day would never arrive and now it has already been two weeks since the concert. Time flies.

I did not take any pictures or videos at the concert because the last time I went to a concert I got my phone stolen and it completely ruined my night. I thought about taking my camera but I really didn’t want to be focusing on anything except having a good time. Overall, my concert experience was incredible. The performances were amazing and the vibe was just something else. It reminded me of how much I love Pretoria. Getting home was a hassle but eventually made it back in one piece.

Our combos were definitely communicating. We had our friend take pictures of us right before we left, you can check out her Instagram here. I bought my pants two weeks before Homecoming and there’s actually an interesting story behind it. Everything at Factorie that was one sale was R150 or less and these pants were R150. However, I earned a R100 voucher on my Cotton On Perks card which means I only paid R50 for the pants and the original price was R600. I stan myself, a savvy queen. I bought my top on the day of Homecoming being nothing in my closet seemed to work out. I really like how my outfit turned out. I almost froze to death but I did it for fashion.

Top – The Fix
Pants – Factorie
Shoes – Vans
Fanny pack – Mr Price

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