A Trip To The Zoo

September 05, 2017

My sister and I wanted to do something exciting to celebrate the beginning of spring. After a few minutes of brainstorming we decided that a trip to the zoo was the best way to do it. We hadn't been there in ages and it was a wonderful way to spend time outdoors.

We arrived in the late afternoon and it was quite warm. We walked around with the aim of finding the aquarium because that is my absolute favourite place. It has so many beautiful colours and it makes me feel as though I am in a whole different world.

The reptiles were also very interesting. Snakes are actually very fascinating and their very good at camouflage. Which is quite scary yet exciting at the same time. The penguin were also so cool. Maybe it's because of the movie Madagascar or maybe it's the fact that they can swallow an entire fish at one go. All the other animals were also interesting but they didn't really stand out.

I have mixed feelings about the zoo. I love seeing all the animals but some of them seem really sad and lonely. I really wish I could be the hero of the story and set them free. Unfortunately, that won't be happening soon. However, it was fun seeing all the animals and being outside made me even more excited for spring!

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