How To Create The Perfect Flat Lay

August 02, 2017

I am not an expert when it comes to flat lays but I have been creating flat lays for about for years now and it has definitely taught me a lot. I decided to share what I've learnt and hopefully stop some one from creating the same mistakes as me.

1. Angles
Try to be parallel to the the area you are photographing otherwise it may create an awkward angle that is not aesthetically pleasing.

2. Lighting
Lighting is key. You may think it will be easy to fix the image through editing but it can prove to be a struggle when you are starting out. Natural lighting is your best friend.

3. Background
A background that contrasts the items in your flat lay is the best. You don't want your items disappearing in the background.

4. Positioning
Try to fill up your space without cluttering up the space. If you are going for a minimal look try to position your items in the centre. It's all about playing around with the positioning and seeing what works best.

5. Make mistakes
You won't learn everything over night. I'm still trying to figure it out. 

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