Baby, It's Cold Outside

July 17, 2017

Winter is so confusing. Just because the sun is out doesn't mean that it's warm and Johannesburg is way colder than Pretoria. So, basically those are some of the things I learnt on the day I wore this outfit. 

Ever since I started seeing all the cool girls on Instagram wearing these pom-pom keyrings I knew it was a trend I couldn't miss out on. Clothing just got a whole lot cooler. Unfortunately, my skirt didn't have belt loops so I had to get creative with a safety pin. I'm happy to say I survived the day with no injuries.

The rest of my outfit is pretty basic, all black. The shades of black don't match but I did the best I could. I cannot wait for the day I can afford clothing that is the same shade of black.

I wore the plaid shirt on top of my t-shirt because tying it around my waist was not an option in the cold weather. It was almost like a substitute for a jacket but that didn't really work out for me but I looked cool so I'm happy.

Top - Factorie
Plaid Shirt - Factorie
Skirt - Mr Price
Stalkings - Edgars
Shoes - Edgars
Keyring - Cotton On

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