Glitter Is My Favourite Colour

April 24, 2017

We are at that awkward part of the year when it's sweater weather in the morning and in the afternoon it feels as though you are at the gates of hell. I think I've used that line every year since I started my blog and I can't help it because it is so accurate. 

My trick for combating this weather is a pair of thigh high socks and a jacket for when it's chilly. That's basically the safest way to go, not too hot and also not too cold. 

Can we just take a moment and appreciate my glitter socks? Yes, GLITTER SOCKS. I bought these sometime last year but I never really knew how to style them. After looking through Amanda Steele's Instagram I was inspired to break the fashion rules and just do something a little different. By the way Amanda is my ultimate fashion inspiration at the moment. 

The rest of the outfit are the basics: a skater skirt and a black cropped top. You can never go wrong with those. Of course, I completed the outfit with my favourite boots which I apparently wear too much but how could I not? 

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