Current Favourites #5

January 22, 2017

It's a new year and I am still doing blogposts. I'm thinking of making these a monthly thing but I don't want it to get boring. I am still try to figure that out until then here's what I'm loving at the moment.

Typo Diary
This diary only cost R10 which means I had to get it. It really helps me with planning my blogposts. Unfortunately, it only goes up to June 2017 but I'll deal with that then.

Laptop Stickers 
I have wanted stickers for my laptop for as long as I can remember. I could never actually find stickers that I liked but sometime last week I found these cool stickers from Typo and now my life is complete.

This is actually my sisters jacket but we we are sisters so it's ours. I have one similar to this one so we need to plan who's going to where which jacket when. I love the style of this jackets and it works with most of my outfits.

Cat Ears 
I bought these on Black Friday and they just completed my life. You can take a look at my Black Friday haul here. You don't understand how much these cat ears have improved life. I am happy.

I have only worn these once but they are the best. They only cost me R70 at The Fix. I absolutely love the fix because they have wonderful clothing and at reasonable price. What more can you ask for?

Activity Books 
Colouring books are my favourite things right now. I really wish I could spend more time on them but I appreciate the time I spend with them. It's great to have a little digital detox.

Pencil Case
The best part about going back to school is the stationery shopping. I love stationery so much and I wish I could by it all. Unfortunately, I can't do that but I did get a pretty cool pencil case and that makes me feel better.

Dream Journal 
Last but not least is this journal my sister bought me for Christmas. I am currently using it for my dreams and goals but I also want to change it up and add some other things in it. I am still trying to figure it out but I love getting creative with it.

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