Some Of My Favourite Blogs 2016

December 20, 2016

When I started writing this blog post I planned on only including 10 blogs but there are just so many amazing blogs it was hard picking out my favourites. I love reading these blogs and I am really looking forward to continuing reading these wonderful blogs and discovering more blogs next year.

I love Areeba's quirky style and her unique blog posts. I am also a huge fan of her YouTube channel.

I love how creative she is and I'm always looking forward to seeing a new blog post or a page from her art journal. Noor and Areeba are also twins and it doesn't get cooler than that.

I'm so glad I discovered Kelley's blog. I love her sense of style and her Instagram is on point.

I first discovered @ocean painter_ on Instagram and I had to get more of her amazing photography so I went to her blog and I was hooked.

Do you ever read something that touches your soul because it's just so amazing. If you haven't, head over to Scarphelia and you will thank me later.

I love Justina's sense of fashion and, of course, her writing style as well. She never fails to make me laugh and I'm grateful for that.

I love Aisha's sporty style and I am just so happy for her and her success. I am always excited to see her in a magazine or on TV.

I discovered this blog more than a year ago and and I haven't looked back since then. She always has interesting posts and I love that.

I love how Nicole talks about mental health and OCD. I have really learnt a lot from her and I appreciate how open she is.

Nosi is truly fearless and I love how that shows through her blog. I'm always excited for her cool posts.

Do you ever just appreciate someone's makeup skills so much because same. I only discovered her blog recently but it really changed my life.

This is another blogger with some amazing makeup skills. One day I will be as awesome as her but for now, I'll just keep admiring her wonderful blog and beautiful Instagram feed.

What's your favourite blog at the moment?

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  1. omw, I actually wanted to read this because I haven't blogged in months!(Or I've been inconsistent because of a heavy work schedule) and I was pleasantly surprised to see my blog mentioned here!!

    Thank you Tshego! You really brightened my day!

    If I can tell you one thing - always prioritize your love for art! You can be anything you want but at the end of the day PASSION will make you ENJOY YOUR LIFE! No matter what!!