Positively Pink by Oh So Heavenly Review

December 14, 2016

I love Oh So Heavenly products so much! They are just so fun and there's such a wide variety to choose from. Today I'll be reviewing the Oh So Heavenly Positively Pink Take Away Treats (woah that's a long name). This contains a body wash gel, a hand lotion and a body lotion.  I love how they stacked them. It's everything you need put together, how easy does it get?

Let's start off with the scent. It's just perfect, it's a floral scent and its not too overwhelming. The size is nice and small which makes it perfect to travel with.

The hand lotion has to be my favourite. It moisturises the hand without making them feel sticky and the scent is not too overpowering which is something that I totally hate. The body wash has a slightly different scent. It a bit more fruity and it just smells delicious, it's as though you could eat it ( don't eat it though, just enjoy the scent). It creates just the right amount of foam and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. Last but not least is the body lotion. I honestly can't tell the difference between the hand lotion and the body lotion but it's equally as wonderful so I am happy.

Another thing I love about this is that it lines up perfectly every time you put it back together because it would really bother if it didn't. It a wonderful product and I think it makes the perfect little gift.

Have you tried the Oh So Heavenly Positively Pink products?

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