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December 04, 2016

I don't know why it took me so long to write this blog post but I'm glad I'm finally doing it. I have seen some pretty cool gallery walls and inspiration walls and hopefully I'll get there one day but I am really happy with how my gallery wall is at the moment. It's just a small corner in my room with some favourite things.

Now onto the other side. The drawing on top is one of my favourites. I thought I did a pretty okay job so on the wall it goes! I also have a watercolour painting of the word 'adventure' and a little flower drawing. I thought they looked cool and I love adventures hence the name Sempiternal Adventures. My galaxy girls drawing is still one of my favourite drawings! I really think I should draw something similar soon. Next to it I have a wonderful quote that I won in a giveaway! It's by Joanny from I'm A Choc Cakeaholic if you want to see more of her cool stuff! The 'New York I Love You' print was from a calendar but with some DIY it's now a great print on my wall. It's pretty basic but whatever. I also have one of my favourite quotes, 'If you can dream it, you can do it.' It's by Walt Disney and it's just so inspirational. Next up is a drawing I did last year. When I was painting the pink part I accidentally dropped the paintbrush on the drawing so I added the triangles and I just ended up loving it so much. I guess everything does happen for a reason.

Let's start off with the daily planner, there is always one one the wall but I don't change it everyday. I usually use it when I have lots to do and I want to plan my day properly so I get everything done. Right next to the daily planner is my list of goals. I think that seeing them everyday motivates me to work towards them. Right below that is a watercolour illustration that I did a while ago. I think it looks pretty and it's a great addition to the wall. I also have a wooden print that I got from my sister about two years ago. She might be laughing but I'm still trying to figure out whether I should laugh or cry. Next up is this small circle that says, 'you rock,' because sometimes I just need a little reminder.

I thought I would also include my tapestry and fairy lights because why not? I've wanted these for so long because that's what everyone on Tumblr is doing and I want to join in on the fun so please don't judge me. It looks so pretty and makes my room feel much cosier. I just wish I would have done it ages ago!

Do you have a gallery or inspiration wall?

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  1. Ah this was so cool to read. I have a wall like this in my uni room but I have more quotes than drawings as I am not much a drawer. I love sticking posters on my wall. It gives it a personal touch. Thanks for sharing your wall.

    1. Thanks. This is such a great way to personalise your room and get creative!