My Everyday Makeup

December 10, 2016

I don't wear makeup as much as I would like to but I feel like I never go to  places where I can go all out. The other two reasons are that makeup is expensive and my makeup skills suck. One day I will be able to afford all the makeup I want and makeup skills will be on fleek. Until then I stick to my go to look which is simple yet fun.

I start out with the Essence Mousse foundation which is very light and applies so easily. I use this to even out the complexion of my skin. Next up is the eyeliner. I feel like this one part I am actually proud of. I have been winging my eyeliner for ages now and skills have improved. When the wings of your eyeliner are even you just know that you are going have an amazing day so that's why I try to get them as even as possible. 

Last but not least is the lipstick. I always go for a burgundy shade of lipstick and this time is no different. I went for the Avon True Colour Perfect Reds Lipstick. It has a love bright colour and just completes the look. That's all for my everyday look. 3 products and that's it.

What do use for your everyday makeup look?

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