Current Favourites #4

December 09, 2016

This  is definitely one of my favourite posts to write and I think I might start doing them monthly next year but I'm still thinking about it. These are just all the things I'm loving at the moment and I have to share them with you because they are just so amazing!

Factorie Notebook 
This notebook is a new addition to my collection. It is just so beautiful. The drawing is by @indigo_illusions on Instagram and the notebook is currently available at Factorie.

Procrastination Journal 
I don't think I need help with procrastination because I do very well with it on my own. I wanted a colouring book for quite some time and when I spotted this one I knew I had to have it because it also includes some fun little activities.

Watercolour Paint
I bought these a couple of months ago but I have been using them more often lately. It can be quite challenging to work watercolour paints at times but I'm learning.

This bag actually belongs to my sister but what's hers is mine. The frills make it fun and the size is perfect, not too small and not too big.

My purse
I love this purse because of the colour and for the fact that it has a compartment for my phone. It makes life way easier and sometimes it's the only thing I need to carry with me.

Maybelline lipstick 
This lipstick was sent to me by Beauty Bulletin so I could recreate one of Maybelline's trend looks. You can click here if you want to take a look at the video. I have just been loving this lipstick a lot. It is super pigmented and is perfect for a classic red lipstick look.

3INA Lengthening Mascara 
I reviewed this mascara recently and you can take a look at that blog post here. I really love the amount of length it adds to my eyelashes and also how natural it looks.

Key Rings/ Handbag Accessories 
I keep buying more of these and I think I should stop but they are so beautiful and they make everything look so much better!

Fairy Lights
I put up my fairy lights approximately a week ago and I can not tell you how wonderful they are. They just create a great ambiance and they are so Tumblr.

Superman  Cup and Art Print Cup
These cups make me drink more tea than I probably should but with such beautiful cups, who wouldn't?

What are your current favourites?

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