Christmas Wishlist

December 01, 2016

I thought that I would start off this year's Blogmas with a Wishlist because it's never too late to start dropping hints. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. I'm really looking forward to Christmas and let the countdown begin!

My sister is such a huge fan of watches and I think her love for watches is rubbing off on me. I love this simple design and it would be perfect with any outfit!

I'm still such a huge fan of chockers and I think I always will be. This one is just so beautiful.

Colourful shoes are usually not my thing but when I saw these I just fell in love.

It's only recently that I have taken an interest in wearing jewelry and I still forget to wear earrings on some days but if I ever get these I will never forget!

One of my talents includes buying sunglasses that I don't need but with so many pretty ones it hard not to. These pink ones are just so adorable!

I'm sorry but I have to admit that I only put this camera in this wishlist because it looks pretty. Please don't judge me.

Band tees will always be cool and let's be honest, is there anything cooler than a Nirvana T-shirt?

This is a very interesting T-shirt. First of all the collar is amazing and the print is unique. The different cutouts just completed it and makes it look wonderful.

These overalls are just fantastic. Simple yet so beautiful.

How can I make a wishlist without including a bomber jacket? I need one of these in my life.

This backpack reminded me why I love backpacks so much. It's the perfect size and the pastel blue colour is  the best.

I'm always wearing a printed skirt with a plain top and I am always on the lookout for some fun prints and this is exactly what I need!

I mentioned in how much I love pins and badges in a recent blog post. However, I don't  put them on some of my bags to avoid damaging the material. Therefore this clutch will simply solve the problem because I don't have to worry about damaging it as it comes with the badges already attached.

So NYX recently launched at Clicks and I am yet to try it. I think this will  definitely be what I start out with.

Chelsea boots are already wonderful but glitter makes everything 10 times better!

I spend a lot of time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and I think It's time I gave them a try. This palette would be great to start with because the colours are to die for.

Layering necklaces is always a great idea especially when they are this pretty!

What's on your wishlist?

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