What Keeps Me Motivated?

November 20, 2016

I like to think of myself as someone that is motivated. I make an effort to wake early and go to bed late everyday. I spend a lot of time doing things that I don't have to do in order to reach my goals. It isn't always easy but finding motivation helps you to get up everyday and work hard towards what you want. Yes, sometimes you do feel tired and that you don't really want to do anything and that's okay. Sometimes you have to go out and search for motivation.

My number one source of motivation has to be my goals. There is just so much I want to achieve and I know that it's not just going to happen. I have to work hard everyday to make my dreams come true. Whenever I think of where I want to be I get motivated to do more because I can't sit and do nothing and hope that everything will fall into place. I wish it was that easy but it's not so whenever I'm feeling lazy I think of my goals and they push me to work harder. 

Success is also such a great source of motivation. When you know that you are moving forward you don't want to stop. The greatest feeling is knowing that your hard work paid off and that motivates you to keep on going because you knew know that whatever it that you are doing is working. It is important to set small goals because when you achieve them, they take you one step closer to the bigger goal and it assures you that you are capable of achieving your dreams. You just have to take it one step at a time.

Failure can be a source of motivation but it's hard to think of it that way.  You  put all your effort into something and then watch it crumble right before your eyes. I must admit that it's heartbreaking and it might even make you want to give up but my advice is that you look at it as a lesson. You found a way that didn't work so pick yourself up and try something new.

Sometimes you feel defeated and just need to take a break and that's okay. Don't forget to get back up and remember why you started.

What keeps you motivated?

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