On A Rainy Day

November 10, 2016

I haven't shared an outfit in ages, I seriously don't know what is wrong with me. I'm finally back with a new outfit post and it is really nothing special. I bought this army green jacket recently and I have only worn it once because it's just been so hot. I'm glad that the weather is great but I kinda want to show off my jacket. Forgive me but I just love it.

These kind off jackets have been on trend lately and I just had to join in on the fun. My sister told me not to buy it but it was on sale so I really didn't have a choice. 

I wore light jeans with this jacket mainly for the fact that I always wear dark jeans so I just wanted to add a spin to things. The top is also a recent purchase and it is so cute. 

I love how big it is, it just amazing. I can wear a cropped top without feeling exposed. It also has so many pockets and ,of course, that is always a wonderful thing.

The colours I wore I different from the ones I usually go for but I like how they are neutral. This outfit is definitely my first choice for a rainy day. The jacket is just perfect and I wish I had more excuses to wear it.

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  1. Love this jacket and your outfit is so awesome. These were great pictures thanks for sharing xxx