My Collection Of Pins And Badges

November 27, 2016

I've liked collecting stuff for as long as no as I can remember. It started with Barbie magazines, to insects(that was a dark time), to notebooks and the list goes on. My latest obsession is pins and badges. They are awesome because they are way easier to use than patches, no ironing or sewing involved and you can put them on many different items.

I like to put the pins and badges on my denim jacket and on my backpack. They add such a lovely twist to things and they are totally on trend at the moment. They are fun and there are literally thousands to choose from. 

My favourites have to be these five. They are just so cool and they make me so happy. The constellation is my absolute favourite and I don't even have to explain. Anything with stars and galaxies is just the best. I'm so glad that a I own a pizza badge and I'm so glad that pizza exists. I like the 'You can't sit with us' badge because I'm a Mean Girls fan but you can totally sit with me. The other two are just so aesthetically pleasing I just had to put them in my top five.

I bought all of l these at Cotton On, Factorie and Typo. I hope my collection continues to grow because pins and badges are the way to go. I'm also hoping to make a few so we will see how that goes.

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  1. I love your pin collection! I recently started collecting pins and I love them!

    Eleanor -