Fall In To Fashion 2016*

November 15, 2016

Fall In To 2016 Fashion
This Fall is seeing new trends in consumer purchasing! Here is some heads-up hints for Fall 2016 fashion.

The "Slow Fashion" purchasing is gaining ground

The "Wear 30" rule is eco-friendly and much easier on the budget. Buy separates with mix-and-match in mind. Wear at least 30 times before donating. Remember to accessorize your fall wardrobe for additional pa-zazz!

Ethical Clothing is always a smart choice.

Check labels for natural fibers and eco-friendly design elements. Support brands that are using smart environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Dollars spent supporting these brands can have a strong influence in the global fashion industry.

Au Naturale

Animal prints are making a bold statement this fall. Let the naturally wild side of you show using big cat, zebra. and snakeskin designs in your wardrobe. Only want a touch of wild? Choose scarves, purses, belts and shoes in animal prints to let that side of you show!


Tiered skirts and ruffled blouses are in this fall! With the usually warm weather, it suggests dressing your layers in layers. Create a look for the day that will leave you looking stunning with or without that sweater or jacket. Just a footnote but turtlenecks are making a comeback. Great to add to the layered look if you are a turtleneck fan.

Fall into Color

Tans, light to dark, and metallic fabrics are strong colors for this fall. For an unusual change-up, some designers have used less traditional yellow and dusty pink as color choices. Maybe fall is the new spring? 

Wrap It Up

Sherpa (natural and faux) lined coats and jackets is making the natural look scene. Bold plaid wraps, jackets and coats have been featured. Some designers have broken the rule by layering plaid over plaid. How bold are you?

A Blast From The Past

To further help with the layer look, pantsuits are back on the fashion racks. Great for the office and professional, this style is easy to wear for long hours. Add the right accessories and it can take you into the nightlife activities.

Just the Right Touch

The jewelry highlight for Fall 2016 is the choker necklace. Get creative by using ribbons and scarves. If chokers are not your thing, try collar style necklaces instead.
Lip Balm
Don't forget your lips as the weather gets colder. Pick up some EOS lip balm and keep them luscious. 

*This is a sponsored guest post.

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