Budget Beauty Buys

November 24, 2016

I absolutely love shopping and it is no secret but watching my money go away is heartbreaking. It's really a problem but I have got a solution. I spend my money on my really affordable items and I can tell you that there are moments where I have regretted that but there are some occasions where I have found some really great items at a a really affordable price and I just have to share them with the world. 

Factorie Lipstick (R50)
I'm such a huge fan of Factorie. They have really cool clothes and they are always playing some great music in store. When I first saw their makeup range I had to try it. I purchased the chubby stick in the shade 'Sophia Latte'. It's not super pigmented but it a lovely tint. It is also long lasting and has a beautiful glossy finish.

Design Eyeshadow Palette (R55)
I absolutely love the colours on this this palette, they are dark yet neutral. It's a great palette to start off with because the colours work well together, it has a great pigmentation and it's quite easy to blend. It would have been wonderful if it had a mirror but the price is great so I'm not complaining.

Design Liquid Eyeliner (R20)
This was actually my first liquid eyeliner and I would definitely buy it again. It is just fantastic, it creates one smooth line and the brush is stable which makes life way easier.

Rubi Lipstick (R20)
I purchased this lipstick in black and although it is not as pigmented as I would like it to be I found a great use for it. It can be combined with a another lipstick create a darker shade and it the best thing ever. I think I need to get an award. 

Cocoa Heaven Hand & Nail Cream
I love any product that smells amazing and let me tell you that they are not lying when they say it's cocoa heaven. It leaves my hands feeling smooth and a little goes a long way. Overall it a wonderful product for a great price.

Have you discovered any budget beauty buys?

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