Versatile Blogger Award

October 09, 2016

Thank you so much to Kelly from Velvet and Vibranium for nominating for the versatile blogger award. I love doing these tags and I don't think I have ever done a post to help get to know me more. I can tell about anything in the world but as soon as you ask me to tell me something about myself I go blank but I have accepted the challenge so let's do this!

Here are the rules of The Versatile Blogger Award tag:
Thank the person who nominated you.
Share the award on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Choose 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers.(I used Bloglovin)
Notify them on social media.

About me:
1. I love drawing. I used to draw a lot when I was younger and I I kinda just stopped. I started again last year and I love drawing realistic and cartoonish drawing. I haven't really found my own style yet but I still have time.

2. My dog is my favourite person in the world (yes, you read that correctly). I absolutely love Fiona. She has been part of our family since I was around 9  (that's almost half of my life) and I really can't imagine life without her.

3. I love playing video games. I game on my computer and I have also been learning how to code games on Unity. It's super exciting and I will be sharing more about that really soon!

4. I really want to travel the world. I just want to see new places and meet new people!

5. I like to think of myself as an introverted extrovert because I'm really quiet at first and then I get comfortable and probably won't stop talking.

6. I love superheroes! I also wish I had a super power but I'm still not sure what it would be, probably super intelligence. My favourite superheroes are Captain America and Spider-Man. 

7. Starting this blog was probably the best decision I've ever made. It has enabled me to express myself, meet new people and visit new places. I couldn't be more grateful.

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