Rubi Lipstick Review

October 06, 2016

I was in Cotton On the other day when I came across the lipsticks from Rubi. It was the first time I saw them and when I spotted one in black I knew I had to purchase it. I've been on the hunt for a black lipstick but I wasn't willing to spend a lot on it. This one was only R20 so I couldn't leave without it.

Let's start of with the packaging, I absolutely love it. The mirror effect is very unique and also quite cool. Now moving on to the lipstick, it's not as pigmented as I expected. It takes a couple of layers to achieve a nice, dark shade. 
The lipstick is also is also quite glossy which is something I am not a fan of but I'll work with it. One thing that this lipstick is wonderful for is combining it with a lighter shade in order to make it darker. That's exactly what I did here and I absolutely love it. 

I am happy with this lipstick despite the fact that it's not as dark as I would like it to be. It great value for the amount of money I paid and I can finally say I own a black shade of lipstick.

Have you tried any Rubi lipsticks?

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