What to do when feeling demotivated

September 18, 2016

I do a lot of stuff during my free time such as blogging, coding and drawing and no matter how much I love these there does come a time when I feel demotivated and stuck. I can't get myself to start and it sucks. Luckily I've learnt that it's a part of life and the are ways to get through it.

1. Take a break 
Don't forces yourself to complete the task if you are feeling demotivated. Take a break and focus on other things. Read a book, watch TV, basically just do anything to take your mind off the task. Recharge your creativity by focusing you energy on something else.

2. Find Inspiration 
When I'm feeling stuck with my blog I like to read other blogs and magazines. This reminds me how much I love what I do and I after no time I'm feeling eager to start writing and taking pictures again. Don't make the mistake of comparing yourself to others. Just do you boo!

3. Set Goals 
This one always works for me. I think my biggest fear is not achieving what I really want. When I'm feeling demotivated I like to write down all my goals. Seeing them them written down on paper motivates me to get up and do some work because dreams don't work unless you do.

4. Get Organised 
This happens a lot with school work. When I realise that I have a lot to do I just start losing motivation. It sucks but I have been working on it lately. Proper time management is a life savior. I started a bullet journal and it really helps a lot. I can divide work into small pieces and knowing that I don't have heaps to do in a short period of time helps me gain motivation.

5. Create 
This contradicts number 1 but sometimes when you are feeling stuck you've just got to push yourself to keeping moving forward. After all, the water doesn't flow until you open the faucet. 

What do you when you feel demotivated and stuck?

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  1. I definitely needed this in my life! I've been lacking motivation for everything on a daily basis for a few weeks now.

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    1. Just follow these tips and you'll be back to normal in no time!

  2. These are really great tips! I have been lacking motivation this weekend and want to get back on track!

    xo, Liz

    1. Just give yourself sometime, it happens to all of us.