September 30, 2016

A couple of blogposts ago I mentioned that I want to start wearing makeup more often and I have. My recent hobby has been looking at different people's makeup creations and let me tell you something, people have mad skills. I wish I could just absorb their skills but life is not that simple,now is it?

I have been practicing, trying out different colours and just seeing what works. I thought I would share a look that I created because why not.

Let's start off with lipstick because that's something I know. I started off with matte lipstick from Inglot in a burgundy shade. It was a bit too bright for my liking so I decided to mix with a black lipstick from Cotton On . I was experimenting and now I'm in love. I love how dark it is but burgundy shade which will always be my favourite.

Now to the hard part, I'm still new please don't judge me. I only used two colours for this look which are black and (now I've got to do some thinking) I really don't now what colour this is but it's almost a combination of a shimmering pink and brown. I tried my best at blending and using all the skills I've learnt from the internet. I will definitely be sharing more makeup of the day looks and one I will be good at this makeup thing! Any tips would be highly appreciated.

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  1. This is such a pretty look!

    xo, Liz

  2. Oh I love this look on you especially the lip colour. I have also decided to try and make a bit more effort when it comes to make up. I suck at it and I really do admire all those girls who can do it eyes closed. It is a skill one has to master and it takes time and practice. I have started small with foundation and playing around with eyeliner and my brows. It seems so hard now but I know with time we will get there.
    Will love to see more posts like this.

    Please check out my blog

    Joanny 😊

    1. We are in this together! You'll definitely be seeing more posts like this!