Current Favourites #3

September 30, 2016

I have been MIA for the past week. It was just so hectic and I was so tired. Please forgive me! I'm back and I'm sharing my current favourites because I love sharing my favourite items on my blog! I definitely think I should start doing it more often. Maybe I will but for now just take a look at what I'm loving at the moment!

Astronaut Notebook 
I love notebooks and that's no secret. They just make my life easier because I like writing things down. This is currently my favourite notebook simply because of it cool print. I'm currently using it as a bullet journal and I just feel so organised. Yay me! 

Marvel Graphic Novels 
When I saw this on TV I knew I had to get it. I already started buying the Draw The Marvel Way magazine and know I'm collecting the graphic novels. This just made my life so much better it's not good for my purse but I'll manage. It comes out every fortnight and I really hope I can collect them all. The first issue came with a huge Marvel poster. So yes, my room got an upgrade.

Pom Poms
These are so amazing! I wanted them for so long but I wasn't willing to spend R50 on one. So, when I spotted them on sale at Cotton On I didn't even think about it. The grey one is so fluffy and it has eyes. So adorable! The black one has a mirror. Which means it's not only pretty but useful as well.

Black Lipstick 
Looks like this post is all about finding things I always wanted. I really wanted black lipstick for ages but while my heart was saying yes my money said no. This lipstick was only R20 at Cotton On. Such a steal! I'm having mixed feelings about it but I'll post a full review soon! 

Sunglasses are my favourite. Future so bright gotta wear shades! My shades on so I can't see the haters (I'm also a huge fan of jokes about sunglasses). I purchased both pairs at Cotton On. I got the black ones about a year ago and the mirror one quite recently. They are just so cool and they make me feel so cool!

What are your current favourites?

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