Essence Soft Touch Mousse Review

August 07, 2016

I have been wearing makeup a lot more recently and I'm loving it. I've been trying new things and experimenting with various products. One thing I've always wanted to try is foundation. I've never really had a reason to use it but recently I noticed how uneven my skin was so I decided to get some foundation.

The problem however,  is that my skin is quite a sensitive and I always have to risk breaking out in a rash whenever trying out new products. I'm glad I took the risk and purchased the essence soft touch mousse which was recommended to me. 

This mousse is very light and offers medium coverage. I must admit,  I was expecting a bit more coverage but this will do.  I love how easy it is to apply and that it feels so natural,  definitely wonderful for someone who is just starting out with makeup.  

There are only 5 shades but both my sister found shades that work well with our skin tones. My shade being caramel and her's mahogany. Another great part is the price, only R80. I'm just a broke student afterall and I'm always on the hunt for a great product at a reasonable price and this is exactly that.

My skin hasn't done much complaining and neither am I. It's longlasting, evens put my skin and leaves me with some money in my pocket.  I'm happy.

Have you tried the Essence Soft Touch Mousse? 

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  1. I love Essence. It's one of my favorite brands. I haven't tried this mousse. It looks very nice. I need to check it out. Thank you for sharing! xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions