Dischem Lip Therapy Review

August 14, 2016

Isn't it just exciting when you fall in love with a new product?  It's just so amazing. Something I've been been loving recently is the Lip Therapy from Dischem.  My sister has been using it for some time but I never tried it because I thought it was a lip gloss.  One I didn't have any of my lip products with me and I was desperate.  You can tell what happened after that. 

The lip therapy doesn't feel like your typical lip gloss. It moisturises without feeling sticky or greasy which is something I absolutely hate. When I discovered this I had to get my own and I have been stocking up. The is a variety to choose from but you can't really tell, I guess it's all in the formula. 

Something that I have noticed is that it wears off quite easily and I find myself reapplying it a couple of times throughout the day.  It also leaves a bit of shine and how can one not love that? The price is incredible,  only R10! I mean come one, such a steal. It's great for chapped lips and hydrating for summer.  My lip therapy is popping! 

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  1. Would love to try this! My lips get SO chapped in summer, which is weird cause usually it's the cold that makes them sore but I always find myself licking them when they're dry which really makes them worse. Will have to try get my hands on some of this or something similar. Love the photos in this post!

    Sarah xx

    1. This has definitely been a lifesaver and thank you!