5 Bloggers That Inspire Me

July 31, 2016

As a blogger it's only natural to constantly read blogs, right? Well for me it is. I love scrolling through other people's blogs,  seeing what they have been up to,  products they've been been trying, just anything really (totally in a non-stalker way). There are some blogs that I just can't get enough of and some even inspired me to start this blog. 

How can one not love Aisha? I adore her sense of style, she totally rocks the sporty chic trend. She is also doing so well with her blog. I'm so happy for her,  you go girl! 

I have been reading this blog for ages now. Carlinn honestly has amazing style and the quality of the pictures on her blog never disappoint. She is always visiting the coolest places and makes me feel like dropping everything to travel. Hopefully one day I'll get the chance to travel the world as well.

I don't remember how or when I found Justina's blog but that day was probably the best day of my life. I love her writing style,  she keeps it casual and never fails to make me laugh. She also gets to meet some cool people and I'm just like, "This is why she is the queen."

I started following Melody after I saw her on the TV for a Woolworths campaign. I remember thinking that that she was so cool so I searched for her blog For Fashion Freaks. I read the blog for some time and then the were no longer any new blog posts. I thought that was the end but I recently discovered melodymolale.com and I'm happy to say, the girl still got it!

This is my most recent discovery.  I saw Cynthia on TV as she is part of the Revlon #LoveSquadSA and, of course, I did searching on the interwebs. I am so in love with blog,  her makeup skills are flawless. I'm definitely going to be recreating some of her looks, they are just too amazing! 

(I do not claim ownership of any images used in this post)

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  1. thankyou for sharing this blog, gives me some new bloggers to look into :)

  2. I haven't heard of any of these bloggers so I need to check them out!


  3. Instantly checked them out on Instagram as I did not know them yet! They all look so gorgeous! :)

  4. I love that you're sharing the blogger love and that these bloggers are inspiring you :)

    Rosie | www.rosieromance.com

  5. Nice blogger love! I'm definitely going to check them all :-)

    <3: Jasmin N

  6. It's always nice to know other bloggers for some inpiration. I checked their blogs they're all fabulous bloggers.

    1. Other bloggers are always such a great source of inspiration.

  7. That's great. Doing a list featuring people you like and admire...I hope to be on your list one day :)