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June 04, 2016

I haven't made one of these in ages and it's definitely one of my favourites. I mean who wouldn't enjoy gathering all their favourite items and writing about?  

 1. Multicoloured Platform Sneakers
 I cannot believe I have not shared these on here! They are my current favourites, they make me look super cool and they make me look taller. I stay winning! 

 2. Sandals
 It's getting very cold now and I go to school wearing about 4 layers of clothing. I know I shouldn't be buying sandals but man who could resist these? They are just so cute and the best part is that I got 3 pairs of shoes for R150 at Cotton On. As I said before, I stay winning! People always ask me how I find these sales. Just stick with me and I'll take you places.

3. Sketchbook
I recently got myself a new sketchbook and you can see some of my drawings in my last post (My Artventure 7). It's a4, it has very smooth paper and I really enjoy drawing in it. 

4. White Shirt
 This is a classic item and I don't why it took me so long to get. I finally feel like my life is complete. This white shirt has a cool boxy shape which is what made me purchase it. Thes best part about a simole white shirt is that it basically goes with everything. This means that my struggles of finding an outfit are over....well almost. 

 5. Army Green Sweater
 I recently realised that I basically have no winter clothing. It's sad, I know, but shopping for summer clothing is loads of fun. When I went to the Mall of Africa I picked up this little baby from HM you can read all about my experience at the new mall here. I love the colour and it keeps me warm. Yay!

6. Yardley VolumeLash Mascara
 If I had to pick my favourite make up it would definitely be mascara. I just love long lashes and this mascara does the trick. It does however, belong to my sister but you know how the saying goes: "Sharing is carrying."

 7. Mandala Tapestry
 I wanted of these fornthe longest but I was scared that it would be cultural appropriation but I after doing some research that a mandala doesn't belong to any religion or culture but it is a symbol for zen. It was a struggle to get it though, I ordered it from eBay and I had some trouble with customs at the post office but now that it's finally my Tumblr game is now on a 100. 

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  1. omg your sweater is to die for! Loveee the color! I really like mandala tapestry! I've been looking for one for so long now! Love it, nice favorites lovely!!
    Jade xo

  2. Oooh I love everything on here! Especially the platform sneakers, they're so snazzy & cool! :)

    Heather Xx

  3. I definitely want that mascara!
    Lovely post! xx