Iron On Patches

June 06, 2016

I have noticed how popular patches are these days and seeing them all over Instagram made me want to join in the fun. I was at Cotton On the other and I spotted some cool iron on patches. First of all they were only R10 and second of all they are iron on patches (let's just say my sewing skills aren't the best). In other words these patches were jumping up and down while screaming my name.

When I bought I already had an idea where I wanted them. I wanted to to pimp up my favourite backpack but my sister immediately told me that it would not work. The back is 100% polyamide, yeah I didn't know what that was so in simple terms it's sort of plasticy leathery-ish (one of my talents includes inventing new words).

I already had the picture of how beautiful my bag would be so I was like you know what? It's time to stop being scared of being scared and start taking risks. It was spontaneous and very risky but I am happy to say that my bag survived and it looks better than ever. 

It was all pretty simple. I placed the patches on the bag in random positions (effortlessly cool) and then I put a cloth over the patches and ironed away. It took approximately 30 minutes which, I must say , is longer than I expected but it was all worth it!

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  1. I love this!! It makes your bag look really funky & cool! :)

    Heather Xx

  2. These patches are so cute, and such a good idea! Every summer I want to do this to my denim jacket and never get round to it. This might be the year!
    - Adel | PalettePale

    1. It's totally on trend right now! I hope this is the year.