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April 14, 2016

No matter how much I hate to admit it, winter is here. Okay, not really but it's quite close.  The leaves are starting to fall, I'm starting to a lot more tea and it's starting to get chilly. The signs are all therevso instead of pretending that there's a safe distance between winter and I it's time to start preparing.

I put together some items that are essential for winter. In another world the only item on this list woul be pajamas,  a warm blanket and an endless supply of hot chocolate because if it was by me I would just hibernate all winter. Since that's not a thing yet let's get ready to survive yet another winter.

1. Scarves
 I really love scarves because I feel as though when my neck is cold my entire body is cold. I love chunky knit scarves they are really warm and stylish. I think blanket scarves are even better as they are basically wearable blankets. Scarves work very well with just about anything from jeans to skirts and even dresses.

 2. Jackets
 Winter is the time you get to play around with jackets. There are so many to choose from and if it they aren't very warm layering can come in handy. 

 3. Boots 
Did you know that if you repeat the phrase 'boots and cats' really fast it sounds like you are beat boxing? Now that you know that let's talk about boots, which are totally cool. They are quite versatile and there's a pair out there for everyone. My favourite are ankle boots and combat boots but I can't say I don't enjoy stalking all those Instagrammers with fancy thigh high boots *heart eye emoji*.

 4. Coats 
 I'm not one that wearrs a lot of colour but when winter comes people tend to shy away from the colours. I think coats that are a single colour are quite chic. I also noticed that in winter the sleeveless coats dissappear but to be honest, winter here in South Africa is not too bad. Wearing a sleeveless coat with a turtleneck keeps you warm and creates a beautiful contrast. 

 5. Sweater
 I think these are my ultimate lifesavers during the cold months. They can be dressed up or dressed down. You can go for a chic loook or maybe something grunge. It's up to you, what matters most is that they keep you warm and are fabulous for layering.

Which item is essential to you during winter? 

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  1. Cute picks! I always love dressing for winter so I usually get excited when it rolls around :) My main picks for winter in Australia are: A Black leather jacket, comfy jeans and a nice pastel knit. :) - Lovely post | Sammy @ {xx}

  2. Nice and really essential picks! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Best Nora /