My Loc Journey #1

April 19, 2016

Around this time last year(8 March 2015 to be exact) I had my big chop and it equally as exciting as it was scary. I wanted to cut my hair for a very long time but I was afraid.  That morning I woke up and I just did.  I am so proud of myself!  You know what they say,  "Someone who cuts their hair is about to change their life. "

Just a few weeks ago I experienced the same feeling as before and decided to get dreadlocks. I had them before and I cut them after about 6 years and I really loved having them. The reason I decided to get dreadlocks was because I was struggling to maintain my hair but I still wanted to keep it natural so this was the best solution. I had some major #FroGoals but now I have #LocGoals!

The reason I am sharing my loc journey is because I didn't come across a lot of these when I was doing some research before getting my dreads. I also think that it can be inspiration to someone who might be thinking about getting dreads. We all have to start somewhere, right? 

It's been 3 weeks now an all I have been using is this Braid and Locks Spray from Unique Choice and this is the only style I have been doing(pushing my dreads to the left). My hairdresser did however, offer to plait my dreads but I decided to keep them undone. It takes approximately 3 weeks for them to lock and they hardly moved during the first week. I'm looking forward to the years ahead and I hope you come along with me as I begin my loc journey! 

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