5 Ways To Get Organised♡

February 29, 2016

It's no secret that I have not been very organized this year. It seems as though all this time went by with me doing nothing constructive. I took some time to think about what it is I want to achieve and how I would like to achieve it. This made me realise that I have no time to waste.

I thought it wasn't a bit crazy to share tips on how to get organised when I'm not even close but then I thought it could serve as motivation for myself or maybe someone else out there. Here are the 5 steps I'm going to take in order to get organised:

1. Write it down: 
Whenever I write things down it makes it seem more real. I think making to-do lists is very helpful and I must admit that ticking things off is one of the most amazing feelings.

2. Make a schedule :  
I am not a huge fan of schedules but at the moment I feel as though it would be quite helpful. I spend so much time doing absolutely nothing by creating a schedule I will realise what has to be done and I will allocate a certain time to do it. 

3. Do it as soon as possible:
 This is what I struggle with the most. I'm always leaving things off until the last minute and I believe if I finish off tasks as soon as I can I'll getting so much done. I recently heard of a book titled "Eat that frog" which states that if you complete the most difficult task first it would be easier to do everything else knowing what you have accomplished and I honestly couldn't agree more.

4. Multitasking: 
 I know that many people don't agree with this but I feel like it works well for me. If I can do more than one thing at a time then I should do more than one thing. I've also learnt that utilising any free time is very important. It's surprising how much one can do in a short period of time.

5. Set goals: 
 I think goals are the best motivation. Knowing what it is that I want to achieve and when I want to achieve it really encourages me to work harder. One of my favourite quotes is: "You can have whatever you are willing to struggle for." It reminds me that nothing will be handed to me on a platter, if I want it I have to go out and get it. 

How do you stay organised? 

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  1. I'm a super organized person (maybe too much hehe). Write, make to do list are really important ! xx


  2. Love this post hun, and totally agree with everything. I think my biggest problem is that I ALWAYS leave things for the last minute, literally haha. ;)

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

  3. Thank you so much for these tips lovely.. I definitely agree writing it down always makes it easier to be organised... I LOVE being organised so definitely most of these tips day to day!!


  4. These are great tips! I definitely need to get more blog organised!

    F x

  5. These are some really good tips lovely! I definitely find writing things down & making a schedule of lists help me to organise my thoughts and the million and one tasks I have to do daily! :)

    Heather Xx

    1. Thanks! I've been doing that a lot lately and I couldn't agree more!

  6. I'm so organised until it comes to my blog! I think I need a proper list taking book. Goals are so good for motivating! x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  7. As an organization junkie, I can tell you that all these things work for me. Except maybe multitasking, but I still do it from time to time. Keeping to-do lists in a notebook makes it easier to keep track of them, too (if you wanted an extra tip).

    - Courtney

  8. I'm not the most organized person and I'm okay with that. Writing things down has helped me a lot. If I don't do that I'm all screwed up.

  9. I love writing everything down. Be it from lists to random thoughts, it's all in my notebook or planner app. Thanks for this post. :)

    1. No problem! I think it's time I get a planner app!

  10. Love these tips, and I completely agree! Making a list is the most helpful for me, can't live without it.

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  11. I would say that I am 'over-organised' hehe :D I write down even the simplest things, like 'wake up' and other :D but your post is really good!