Suede Is The New Black♡

January 24, 2016

I read in a magazine last year that the first 12 days of  January determine how your year will be. The first 12 days of 2016 were quite amazing,  much better than last year so I'm hoping that the statement is in fact true but I won't hold my breath. This year has also been quite confusing,  I have to start thinking about what I want to do after school,  I'm thinking of changing things up on my blog and I'm going to be seventeen in less than two months. Everything is just moving so quickly.

Now that we've got that out of the way let's take a look at my outfit. Can you believe I got this skirt from the kiddies section? All these big decisions to make and I'm still shopping from the kids section, way to go Tshegofatso. You know what they say, if the shoe fits wear it or in this case the skirt. As I mentioned in my 'Top Trends of 2015' post , suede was really a huge trend last year and I'm not yet ready to let go. I love the texture and the contrast with the black top. 

My top is a simple black long sleeved top from Cotton On. I feel like the skirt needs get all the attention that's went with plain top. I do however, feel that the shirt is quite simple and a bit boring so I jazzed it up with the lovely vintage looking necklace which belongs to my sister. Don't worry, what's mine is hers and what's hers is mine (well kind of).

I can't go too long without wearing these shoes for the simple reason that they work with all my outfits and they are super comfortable. Which to me is the winning combination. Of course, I can't forget about my socks. I like to make them visible as it adds a bit of quirkiness. If I were a cartoon character this is the outfit I would be drawn in. It's just so stylish yet so simple. It's just so me!

Top - Cotton On
Necklace - Jay Jays
Skirt - Mr Price
Shoes - Edgars
Socks - Cotton On

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  1. I'm in LOVE with your outfit! you look gorgeous! I love suede, so that skirt is perfect! Those boots are just beautiful too! This is so my style xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. I have been loving suede lately! :)
    I have a suede design top!
    I'd say it'll be in style in 2016 too so you're still quite current.
    This outfit is really cute.


  3. I love this skirt on you, it's such a pretty colour!

    I've been really into suede recently as well, I just think it looks really chic :)

    Thanks for sending over your link during LBloggers last night, following now!


  4. I really like this look! It's so simple but pretty!

  5. Such a great look! Very classic and chic!

    Clothes & Quotes

  6. What a great outfit! Such a cute skirt. If you get a chance come and add this post to my fashion link up. I think my readers would love your style! #bloggingboost

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Laura! I guess I should go back to shopping in the kids section haha!

  8. You look LOVELY Also, I'm so in love with your hair!!!

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. Thank you! My sister convinced me to try these braids!

  9. Nice look! You're so pretty <3

  10. love the look, really simple and that skirt! your figure is wonderful though so im sure anything would look lovely on you!

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  11. Your outfit is matched so well! The top is simple yet looks great paired with the skirt. Best of luck with your goals in 2016 by the way! xxx

    Jasmine ||

  12. Oh wow, that outfit is amazing it suits you so well!

    From Megan x