Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer Review♡

January 13, 2016

The holidays are over. The decorations have been taken down, everyone is going back to school and work, it's just so hard not to notice that the festive cheer has vanished. Thanks to Elle Magazine a little bit of the cheer has been brought back with this wonderful nail polish from Catrice that came free with the January issue. 

It is a vibrant golden colour which makes me think of Christmas. Although I thought it was a bit yellowish at first I fell in love with it after applying it. This ultimate nail laquer in the colour 'Goldbusters' (there's something strange in the neighbourhood. Who do you call? Goldbusters!) The nail polish contains lovely glitter particles and it just completes the look. 

I do however, find that the nail polish is quite runny. Three coats work wonderfully for me and create a beautiful finish. It does also take some time to dry which I am not a fan of because I am rather impatient. It's longlasting abilities do pay up for the before mentioned. I guess you could say good things take time. 

The nail polish also has a lovely shine to it which I find quite surprising as I would think that a glitter and shine would be too much. I really think this nail polish from the Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer range is indeed the ultimate nail polish! Longlasting with a great finish. It's available from Dischem but I am unsure of the price. Whatever it may be I think it's worth it! 

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  1. Looks like such a gorgeous shade! Anything with glitter is a winner haha xx

  2. I love it when you buy a magazine and there's a cheeky little beauty product as a little freebie! This is such a gorgeous colour, it would be perfect for a night out or perhaps Christmas time.

    Lovely post.

    Emma Louise xx

    1. Definitely, when I saw it I just thought of Christmas.

  3. I love this shade, everything gold-ish is my fave!

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. It makes everything look so elegant and beautiful!