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November 05, 2015

I have not always been the biggest fan of jewellery but overtime I've started to learn how much it can transform an entire outfit. Little accessories can play a very big role, in this post I share my favourite necklaces. They all hold a special place in my heart. 

1. Jay Jays 2. Lovisa 3. Factorie 4. Lovisa

The first necklace is a treasure, it is a detailed piece with various designs. The bronze colour makes it look like an antique that has been passed down through generations. The length also adds on to it's beauty as it effortlessly hangs from my neck. The best part is that it contains a watch on the inside which makes it a beautiful yet useful piece of jewellery. 

Before I purchased this gorgeous crystal necklace I had been searching for one for a while. I just loved their natural beauty but the ones I found were plastic and that didn't work for me. One day when I had already given up I spotted it at Lovisa, THE ONE. A crystal necklace made up of various shades of purple, which happens to be my favourite colour. I do believe that was the day my life was completed and I'm not even exaggerating.....well maybe just a little bit. 

Next on the list is this simplistic piece of art. I love wearing it with darker shades as its copper colour contrasts beautifully against them. The three triangles add to its beauty and enable it to stand out. My sister insisted that I buy abd I never thought I would love it as much as I do. 

Daisy me rolling, me they hating. I will never waste any opportunity to say that. The final necklace happens to be my favourite piece of jewellery, you have probably spotted in several posts. I love how I can wear it with anything and I think it suits my personality. Well, I do like chokers and daisies quite a bit. My favourite way to wear it is layering it with my crystal necklace and my tattoo chocker as you can see in this post. 

I'm glad my love for jewellery has grown. I love playing around with different pieces to create unique looks. What is your favourite piece of jewellery? 

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  1. Great blog post with beautiful pictures! I absolutely love the crystal necklace :)
    - RO