What's in my bag? ♡

October 31, 2015

I love my backpack but sometimes it's good to change things up a bit. When it's time for something a little different I often grab my sling bag, no matter how small it may be. Dynamite does come in small packages afterall. This bag was a steal for less than R100 at Edgars. It has amazing detail on the front flap, an adjustable strap and a little side zip inside. It has just enough for me to carry everything I may need for the day. 

With limited space I always opt for this cute little coin purse which I purchased at a market. It's doesn't take up too much space and it has an amazing floral design. I cannot go anywhere without a notebook. 

I always say that I think better on paper. I just love jotting down whatever may come to mind during the day. The pen is my new obsession. It is a calligraphy pen from a calligraphy set I bought ages ago. It came with several different colours and pens of various styles. I am almost out of ink but I am planning on getting more soon. 

I always need to keep my lips hydrated. My vanilla and macadamia Labello lip butter is best friends with my lips and it's almost finished. I got mine for free on the bus to see One Direction but it's available at grocery stores and drug stores. My Aura lipstick is a regular on my blog. It is my go to lipstick therefore I take it with with me at all(most) times.

I instantaneously fell in love with these sunnies the moment I saw them at Cotton On. Sunnies are a must in summer, I always have a pair with me. At the moment it has been these bright shades, they vare just to cool. 

Last but not least is my camera. I recently purchased a new one but this one is not forgotten. It is small and of a good quality which insures that I can snaps all day, which happens to be on of my favourite things to do! 

What do you item do you always have with you? 

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  1. That bag is so cute and I love a coin purse for when I don't wanna carry my massive day purse. I can not live without my Lucas Papaw Ointment for my lips and my Nivea cream for my hands - I have to have hydrated skin :)
    Joey x

    1. I love my Nivea cream too! I always have it when I take my backpack.

  2. Carmex is my must have product! I cannot leave the house without putting this in my bag! Lol


    1. Quickly had to google what Carmex is haha I think I just might need one!

  3. I agree with lip balm or lip products that keeps our lips hydrated is always a staple in our bag. Because we can't leave it dry and cracky, ew. And I love the sunglasses, I have same color of lens.
    Great post anyway.
    Love, Fads