Tourists In Our Own City♡

October 10, 2015

I purchased a new pair of shoes recently and I have been dying to share them with you. They are a pair of boots and I have been wearing them religiously. I first spotted them when one of my friends wore them on a day out and I just had to have a pair. They are life savers as I can wear them with just about all my outfits. I feel that everyone should have atleast one pair of versatile shoes that they can grab when all else fails, don't act like it has never happened to you. I wore my frilly socks along with the boots because it just makes things a little more interesting. 

I stole the top from my sister (the perks of being the same size despite there being a five year age gap between us), I love how delicate it is. The top has lace frills along the bottom and in the neck area and I think that brings a girly touch to this almost all black outfit. With the top being slightly transparent I decided to show of my leopard print bralette underneath. 

My outfit consists of an variety of patterns which is usually frowned upon but I learnt that if you do it right it can go a long way. I love summer but I can not deal with the sweltering heat we have been experiencing thus I wore my kimono to protect myself. I also brings an extra element to the outfit, bringing it to life. My skirt needs no explanation, is a simple black tube skirt which goes with just about anything.

Onto the accessories, my earcuff has been in my jewellery box for the longest time. After having worn it once I thought it was time to give it another try. It complements this outfit and makes it more free spirited. I guess you could say second time lucky. The necklace, yet another item sponsored by my sister. What's mine is hers and what's hers is mine, our little agreement makes life a whole lot easier. Who would complain when you have double the amount of clothing you should have? The necklace looks like antique item and I adore that. fake it until you make it, right? The necklace doubles as a watch explaining why my wrist remains bare. Well almost bare, my wrist is embellished with a temporary tattoo, one which I purchased ages ago but am only putting to use now. It is beginning to fade away but that is not much of a problem as school is opening on Monday but I am having a good day so let's not talk about that. 

I was a bit of a tourist in my own city today. I wandered around Church Square along with my sister. We had some ice-cream, just chilled and took hundreds of pictures. It was a pretty good way to wrap up the short yet very much needed holiday.

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  1. I wore a kimono in my latest outfit post as well! I love how you brought simple pieces together - that's what I usually do as well. Earcuffs are my current fave jewelry item - they bring an edge to everything!