The flare returns♡

October 03, 2015

Yet another style has caught my attention. I'm always experimenting with different styles, life is too short to where boring clothes. I decided to try out a retro style with a bit of a spin.  

My mandala bandeau is my favourite item at the moment. My sister purchased it for me and I will love her forever for that. It has a whole lot of mandalas and is my go to item for wearing underneath spaghetti strap tops. It works as a fantastic cover up and adds a little something extra to an outfit.

My top is an ordinary tank top from Factorie but I tied it on the side to change it up a bit and to show a bit of skin. It's getting warmer and we've got to crop it like it's hot. The necklace has a minimalistic design. It is simple and complements the outfit. 

Onto the jeans, which I think are the main part of my outfit. I fished them out from the back of my closet where they have been for quite some time. It seems as though many retro trends are making a comeback. So maybe it's time you dig in your closet, you may find some hidden treasures. Flared jeans used to be my thing back in my day and by that I mean in 2007/8. I'm glad they are back, the are just fun to play around with and I love the different ways people style them.

Hats are another item I am loving this summer. I guess it has to do with the fact that they are not only stylish but serve a purpose. I think the hat just completes the look I was going for.  

My shoes are, of course, my favourite wedges from Mr Price. I swear these are the comfiest shoes I own and they go well with the bootleg jeans. The bag is the newest addition to my closet. I have no idea what kind of bag it is but I am totally loving it. It is spacious and out of the ordinary. 

The school holidays have begun and I have nothing to do. I was planning on going to a music festival but turns out that I am to broke for that. The holidays are short so I guess I will spend the week reading, drawing, blogging, taking pictures and taking a well deserved break and then it is time to switch my brain into exam mode.

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