Top 3 Mascara Picks♡

September 26, 2015

I hope all South Africans  had a wonderful Heritage day and had a lekker braai. I hope everyone had the opportunity to share their different cultures and traditions.

Mascara is the one thing that I always have with me along with some lipstick of course. There's something about long lashes that make one feel like they can rule the world. I always try out different types of mascara, if you haven't noticed with the blue and the glitter mascara which I reviewed not too long ago. Today I thought I would share my top mascara picks.  

Aura Lash Perfection:
This one is my absolute favourite. It available at Queenspark along with some other Aura products. The mascara has minimal clumps and adds length to my lashes. Aura product s are not tested on animals and that is always a good thing. I really believe it is wrong to test on animals, it is just cruel. Animals are great, show out to my dog(best friend) Fiona.

Avon Super Shock:
The bristles in the brush are just amazing. They are perfectly spaced and add extra volume to your lashes. I usually use this mascara along with the Aura Lash Perfection for the best results. 

Isabella Garcia 5th Wonder Mascara:
Doesn't the name just amazing and believe it does live up to its name. Although it may sometimes form some clumps I choose to look past that. It is truly a wonder and it is almost all I could ask for in a mascara.

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