September Wishlist ♡

September 08, 2015

It is finally spring, although we still waiting for it to feel like spring we can't help but be excited. I have been waiting for spring since last spring ended! Spring means it's time for all things new. It's almost impossible not to find yourself drooling over some items. All the items on my wishlist this month are fun and summery and hopefully they can find their way into my closet. 

I need more dresses in my life. I always go shopping with the intent of purchasing a dress but I somehow end up going home with a skirt. I think t-shirt dresses are very cool (pun intended). When the it's hot outside we need to turn to the flowy clothing to prevent ourselves from melting. I'm also loving the sporty luxe trend and I think this dress is the perfect way to approach the trend.  

I wasn't lying about loving the sporty look. These can help me pull off the back-from-tennis-match-straight-to-party look. 

One of my style crushes at the moment is Youtuber, Amanda Steele aka Makeupbymandy24. I absolutely adore her style and I feel like these sunglasses are something she would totally wear and therefore I would too. Shades haven't always been my thing but we have got to try new things, right? 

Hats have not always thing either but I am loving them a lot right now. They are stylish and actually serve a purpose. I like this hat specifically because it has the gold hat bar which makes different from the rest.  

I decided that I am going to try out a different shade of lipstick just not yet. My favourite types of lipstick is matte and my favourite shade of lipstick is burgundy. Putting those together means that you have instantly made me the happiest 16-year-old alive. 

I can't get over backpacks, there will always be one that grabs my attention and earns a spot on my wishlist. Maybe my obsession will end once I get my hands on a holographic backpack. Holographic bags are the future, the look modern and futuristic. It seems as though they are what people centuries imagined bags would look now. Backpacks are fabulous because they keep your hands free while you're shopping and enable you to dance and have fun at a festival. Which are the things I hope to be doing during the December holidays. 

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