A different kind of layering ♡

September 22, 2015

In winter I preached about layers. A sweater under a jacket and a shirt under the sweater. It is a little too hot for that now (to everyone in the northern hemisphere, make layers your best friend) but I'm still at it with layers. This time it is a little bit different. 

One of my favourite ways to wear necklaces at the moment is to layer them. It is my new obsession, why wear one when you can wear them all? Many stores are now offering necklaces that come in sets to wear at once. You can find great ones at Lovisa and just about any other piece of jewellery you may like. 

I however, like to create my own combination. It just makes it more personal and you can mix and match as you please. At the moment I am most likely to be found wearing my daisy chocker along with my crystal necklace both from Lovisa. It is almost as though they have been glued to my neck. 

The trend is more on the hipster/bohemian style and as I have mentioned before, that is the style that has grabbed my attention. When approaching this trend I think it is highly important that don't go for necklaces of similar lengths because they may get tangled and it won't be pretty. Let's not even discuss untangling them, tangled earphones are already too much to deal with. 

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