Nail Paint♡

August 17, 2015

I think now is the perfect time to start wearing the spring/summer hues in nail polish.  The greens, yellows,  blues all the bright colours I wear throughout the year.  If you have been missing out on all the bright colours it's not too late,  you can still join the club.

I think nails are going to play a big role this season. There are so many shades and patterns it will be hard to leave your nails bare unless you have school of course, in that case you will have to do with a coat of clear varnish kids.

What’s trending?

Pastels, pastels, pastels. We have had nail polish for so many years. Did you know that it dates back to 3000BC? That is quite some time ago and it's only natural that we are trying out new things. Pastels are the new neutral. They are definitely the must-have nail polish, they go with almost anything. Which just makes them way better. Some nail shapes are rather sharp and pastel colours tend to tone them done. 

Mettallics and mattes. Tbe future of nail polish is here. Something of topic but kind of on topic: did you know that there is a date rape nail polish that changes colour if your drink has been spiked? Cool right? I told you the future of nail was here, now back to mettallic and mattes. These go best with short nails as the nail polish is a statement itself but if you want to go for an almond shaped mettalic be my guest. Rules are made to be broken anyway.

We can definitely not leave out the glitter nails, my personal favourites. It's like painting fairy dust on your nails. Although it may be a mission to remove it has so many pros we can look past that. Glitter is perfect for night time, it does sparkle and it is as though you have tiny galaxies on your nails. 

The art of nail polish. I think the only thing better than cool nail polish shades are cool nail polish designs. Go on and paint your mini canvas. Express yourself through your nails. Whatever it is on your nails, whether it's watermelons, words, flowers. You will sure earn yourself some gold stars. If you still struggle with making your own designs, there are lots of tutorials online and if that fails, there's a reason stick on nails were invented. 

My latest nail polish is the Nail Paint by Factorie. If you have a nail polish called Nail Paint then you are sure to grab my attention. I went for the colour coral because I enjoy trying out new things. Coral is a fun, bright colour and I think I am now definitely prepared for spring. I also think coral is going to be bug this season but I'll save that for another day. 

The nail polish has quite a runny consistency and requires several coats. Three seem to do the trick for a wonderful, pop of colour. I find that the nail polish doesn't last very long for busy people like me who are always DIYing but it is quick drying. Which means I can fix it up and it will be dry in no. With an amazing pop of colour I think I am ready to spring into spring.

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