Kinkilash Mascara review♡

August 10, 2015

Something cool happened. A while ago someone contacted me telling me that a picture I posted on Instagram is awesome (how strong is my Instagram game? Hella) and they would like to put it in their magazine. Obviously I said okay and I gave some style advice.  A few months have passed since then and now I am in this month's issue of Top of tge Pops magazine. So if you are in the Uk take a look at that.

Festival season is just around the corner. The cool clothes, flash tattoos and flower crowns are about to make a comeback. I can already imagine it all and I'm getting excited. Now all I need to do is find a festival to attend maybe even a few because I am as ready as one could be. 

I bought some blue mascara and some glitter mascara from Jay Jays. Normal is boring and the days of black mascara are long gone, well for me they are. I don't even need a festival to apply my Kinkilash mascara, interesting name don't you think? Any place besides school will work just fine for me. The mascara helps me radiate positive vibes, you wouldn't understand. It's just mermaid business, so if you ever wanted to be a mermaid you are just a tube of mascara away. 

Let's start with the glitter mascara. First of all it's glitter mascara and that makes it a must-have. The mascara is a mixture of a clear liquid and some glitter and it is a bit runny. However, the glitter isn't as visible as I would like it to be but there's glitter on my eyelashes which means I can't see the haters. 

Onto the blue mascara. It's blue and it's a wonderful thing. Black mascara is awesome but blue mascara is better. My problem with the mascara is that it creates clumps which I absolutely dislike but I have managed to look passed that because I bought both the mascaras for R5 each. That is like half the price of a slab of chocolate, so I would be wrong if I expected the mascara to be perfect. 

So far I am loving the mascaras. They are cool, fun and different and those just happen to be my middle names. Not really, okay. The packaging is simple like most mascaras. It has peace signs all over the lid. I'm happy with the mascara's overall performance and I would give it a seven out of ten.

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