In between♡

August 27, 2015

We are currently in the transition between winter and spring and in some places it is the other way around. Whatever your case may be,  I think we are struggling with the same problem.   I honestly think this is the the hardest time to pick an outfit because when we wake up it's winter and by midday it's as though we are at the gates of hell(yes, I will continue describing it this way until a better description comes along).

Luckily,  I have found a solution to my problem. A problem which hundreds of other people struggle with. Light weight tops are the answer.  They have the ability to protect you from a breeze that may come along and when the temperature rises you can tie it around your waist and it won't ruin your outfit.

Onto my outfit, I wore this plaid skirt which I purchased sometime last year and I am still a big fan of it. I love adding patterns to my outfits,  it just brings them to life I guess.  I don't know what of skirt this but I'm planning to get another one of its kind very soon.

The top I am wearing is a plain black cropped top.  A plain black top is a staple item in anyone's closet.  They come to the rescue when all else fails. The skirt is high waisted and that means even though the top is cropped barely any any skin shows.

I threw on this silk top because as I said before it's a bit chilly at times and believe it does help.  The shirt adds some colour to the outfit and makes it a bit more interesting.

I completed the outfit by going for my classic style,  knee-high socks. I don't care how warm it gets I will continue to wear them. I wore some booties and that’s it. The rings however, were the tricky part,  knowing that I have small fingers.  I have not lost any rings recently, so I guess you could say life is good right now.

Cropped top - Factorie
Shirt - Cotton On
Skirt -Factorie
Socks - Mr Price
Booties - Cotton On
Rings - Lovisa

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  1. I absolutely adore this outfit, especially the top and booties. Looks very cute and perfect for fall.

  2. I love this outfit! Your jacket is so funky and everything looks so good with the boots! I used to really want a skirt like this but then the lust for one died down, but reading this has made me realise why I wanted one so bad in the first place- they're so cute but also cool at the same time!x

    1. They are very cool, I wanted this skirt for so long before I actually purchased it.