Daisy me rolling♡

August 08, 2015

Spring is close,  I can feel it. For the first time in forever (sings the rest of the song from Frozen) I regretted wearing a jacket but, of course, I couldn't take it off because it was part of my outfit. I wore this outfit to the mall with my sister because that's all we do in our spare time. 

Now let's analyse the rest of my outfit. I'm wearing my combat boots.....again. They go with everything in my closet and that means they make my life easier.  They are comfortable and that’s exactly what I need when I spend a day out shopping.

My top just makes me happy, it's one of the few t-shirts in my closet and yes it holds a very special place in my heart. It has NY written on it with a daisy print. A perferct combination, don't you think? Who doesn't like New York City and daisies? 

I'm always wearing a different u-tube skirt everyday, just like the combat boots they make my life easier.  I can wear them with almost anything and change them up as my style changes. I can also wear a pair a stalkings underneath when it's chilly.

The stalkings have played a huge part of my life this winter but our evanescent relationship is coming to an end. Spring is on it's way and things are about to change.  My relationship with stalkings was good while it lasted.

My denim jacket is always a fantastic way to complete an outfit. I really want an oversized one and that will be very easy for me because of my petite size but finding one Tumblr like won't be easy. I will just have to keep my eyes open and my piggy bank full.

Jacket, top, combat boots and stalkings - Edgars
Skirt - Factorie
Necklace - Lovisa

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