August Wishlist ♡

August 07, 2015

There are only nineteen Fridays until Christmas. Can you believe that?  I'm still trying to figure out whether this fact excites me or if it frightens me but I should really make up my mind because before I know it, it will be a new year. The months go by and life goes on, so do the wishlists. It's August,  I think it is safe to assume that you have already realised that. A new month, a new wishlist.  That's just how it works.

Pattern Cardigan:
I've been loving patterns recently. They just seem to bring an outfit to life. You will be amazed by what a few stripes here and a tribal print there could do. This cardigan is just lije any other cardigan but the Aztec print transforms into a whole new creation  

Mom shorts:
Spring is around the corner and that means long, warm, carefree days but it also means leg shaving season is back. I think these shorts are the best so I would gladly shave my legs for them on any day. I have been on the hunt for mom shorts for quite some time but it's proving to be harder than I expected. I think it's time for more stores to offer a petite section. 

Drawstring backpack:
I can never have a wishlist without any sort of bag. I guess you can call me 'the bag enthusiast' or something more catchy which I cannot think of. Shiny things always grab my attention and I definitely think I need a drawstring bag in my life. I will use to carry some extra items when I go out on a warm summer's day. Summer, would you just pick up the pace. Please and thank you. 

Adidas Stan Smiths:
Aren't Stan Smiths the most beautiful shoes you have ever seen. These sneakers will complete any sports luxe, sporty chic or any other look you may be aiming for, even if it's not in the 'sporty' direction. These shoes are just awesome and will look perfect on my feet. I can already imagine my Cinderella moment.

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  1. Oh my god for a second I thought you said 19 days till Christmas and for like the quickest amount of time I thought I HAVEN'T BOUGHT ANY PRESENTS, then I was like wait no it's not nineteen days what the heck is this, then I finally read the Fridays, but within like three seconds I experienced a range of emotions. I agree though, I would love a patterned cardigan! My sister has the nicest, chunkiest one from Urban Outfitters, it looks so cosy and perfect for winter and I really want a drawstring rucksack too, they seem so easy to use but still secure!x