A taste of spring ♡

August 02, 2015

Yesterday was the first issue of Illimitable Magazine and I'm happy to say it was quite a success. There are wonderful articles to read and beautiful pictures to look at from all the contributers. If you missed it take a look here and please leave some comments, we would highly appreciate it. 

If there's a sale at the body shop you are most likely to find me there. Wait...you are most likely to find me at any sale. Sales just happen to excite me and this time I took a stop the body shop and it wasn't just to smell their sweet fragranced products, I bought some too. The products are fruity feel like a little taste of spring.

I'm always trying out new perfumes, change is good. Picking a perfume was a challenge, there is no surprise there. When you are in perfume heaven, you are bound to struggle at making a choice, I went for the Madagascan Vanilla Flower fragrance. Even the name just sounds divine. 

When I hear Madagascar, vanilla and flower in the same sentence I am just filled with joy. Madagascar is an island and let's be honest, nothing bad can come from an island. Now think about this, a vanilla flower, from Madagascar , that you can spray on your body. Come on, you are probably getting excited too. 

The perfume has a strong, feminine fragrance. It is fruity which is awesome because it reminds me that spring is just a month away. The shape of the bottle is very simple, you get some very creative bottles these days. This bottle is quite reserved with only a couple of pictures in front but as I always say it's what's inside that matters. 

I also got some shower gel. I already take some pretty long showers and this shower gel isn't going to help me shorten them because it smells amazing. I struggled with finding the right words to describe its scent . After some careful thought I decided that it scent is probably what a rainbow would smell like. It's just an explosion of frutiness and joy. 

This soap-free cleanser with passion fruit extract will leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Unfortunately it is unfit for consumption, as it clearly states at the back but I was quite tempted.  

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  1. That perfume sounds so good! I like it when people change their scent, I do a lot, but at the same time I like it when some people use the same. Like my sisters both always wear the same perfume and I like it because sometimes I just smell it and I'm like 'ah okay she's home right now'. I really want to try that perfume though because, like you said, it does sound divine x