What's in my bag? ♡

July 30, 2015

I always carry on about how I love my backpack and how I need to have it with me at all times. Now it's finally time to reveal its contents and maybe then you will understand why a sling bag just doesn't work for me.

I purchased my bag about a year and a half ago at Factorie. My sister has the same bag in a different colour. Having the same item in the same colour definitely wouldn't work for us. Besides, where would the fun be? Why have a sister when you can't share your items?

I got bored of my bag after some time, I mean I have had it for a year and a half. I added a bow on it a while ago which I removed so I could bedazzle it with some badges or should I say badgedazzle? I'm also thinking of sewing a short poem or some lyrics but I think I still have to improve my sewing skills. 

1. Notebook
 I'm an avid notebook collector. I cannot not leave the house without one. You'll never know when you'll have a sudden urge to write or maybe you need to jot down a few things. Better be safe than sorry. This is the notebook my sister bought me for my birthday. It has Bible verses at the bottom of each page and I absolutely love it. 

 2. Sketchbook
 Since I started drawing I like to carry my art journal/ sketchbook with me. It's just like my notebook, I'll never know when I'll need it so I keep it with me at all time. I enjoy spending my extra time improving on my drawing skills. 

 3. Pencil Case
 I can't write or draw with my finger, right? I sometimes just throw a pen and a pencil in my bag but trying to fish it out can be such a hassle. I like my little pink pencil case from Typo. It helps me keep my stationery together without taking up too much space.

 4. Lip balm
 I got this lip balm on the bus to the One Direction concert(ahh....memories). It is such a life saver. My lips always seem to get dry when I go out and lip balm keeps them hydrated. That is what it's supposed to do after all. I also take the lipstick I'm wearing on that particular day for some touch ups.

 5. Lotion
 I never realised how important it was to carry some lotion with me. It took my mom and my sister quite some time to convince me but I finally gave in. Ain't nobody want some ashy hands and knees. This Nivea body moisturiser is working wonders for me except the one time I applied it on my face and got a rash. I guess it's called a BODY moisturiser for a reason. 

 6. Mirror
 My tablet screen is not always the best mirror so I carry a real mirror. I got it in 2013 when I entered the IMTA Model of the Year competition. I didn't place anything but hey I got a mirror. 

 7. Book
 As an ardent reader a book is a necessity. I have books on my tablet but come on it is not the same. If I've got some time to spare I pull out a book no matter where I am. I am reading a couple of books at the moment, it's impossible for me to read one book at a time. The main book I'm reading is Chasing Hope so expect a review soon.

 8. Tablet 
 This is definitely the most important one. My phone broke a couple of days ago and that’s after giving me loads of problems but don't worry I'm getting over it. I mean it has given me extra time. Now I carry my tablet wherever I go, it has everything I need a camera, books, internet and let me not continue because it's quite a long list. I love my tablet cover, it so cute. Be kind!
 9. Camera
 I also carry my camera wherever I go. Got to take some pictures, nah mean? I put it in a holographic makeup bag because I'm all about breaking rules. It's not in the picture because I used it to take the picture.

10. Purse
I love anything holographic. When I saw this purse I knew I had to buy it. It was definitely made for me . I bought it at Mr. Price last year for about R60 which means I actually get to put some money in it. It has just the right amount of space and works perfectly for me.

Now do you understand why a sling bag doesn't do the trick?  

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  1. Firstly, I love your rucksack. I wanted to customize mine with iron on patches and stuff but long story short it did not work at all. I really need a new notebook your post has reminded me, I used to always carry one round with me!x