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July 18, 2015

On Wednesday morning at around 1am I finished reading Fangirl. Which has to say something about the book right? I started reading it on Monday and I just couldn't put it down. It has an interesting title and as a recovering Fangirl myself I just to read it. I also wanted to distract myself from thinking about school this Monday.

I think there are a few spoilers in this review, so you have been warned! 

Fangirl is written by New York Times bestselling author, Rainbow Rowell. The book was published in 2013 and is written in an interesting style. The book jumps between the book Fangirl, Gemma T. Leslie's Simon Snow books and the fanfiction by Fanfixx authors MagiCath and Wrengrade. The book is however, not confusing. The quoted parts somehow relate to the situation taking place. 
The book is about Cath, a fangirl (what? No way!). Cath is a big fan of Simon Snow and writes fanfiction about him. The book starts off with Cath and her twin sister, Wren, starting college. Wren suggested that they don't share a dorm so they can meet new people. 

Cath and Wren are totally different and the idea of being in college excites Wren while it frightens Cath. After a few weeks Cath befriends her roommate, Reagan and Levi, who she thinks is Reagans' s boyfriend. 

Along the way Cath and Wren start loosing their sisterly bond. Wren starts contacting their mother who left them when they were very young. This makes Cath angry and she feels betrayed. 

Cath is hoping to finish her final fanfiction before Gemma T. Leslie releases the final Simon Snow book. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Cath writes an 'anti-love' story with Nick, a boy she met in her fiction-writing class. This was going quite well until Nick decides to hand in the story as his own, again Cath feels betrayed. 

Things are not going well for Cath at college and her father's health is deteriorating back at home in Ohama. Cath misses exams and tells her father that she doesn't want to go back. Her father isn't happy about that, so Cath decides to stay one more Semester and decide afterwards. 

Cath's fiction writing professor gives her another chance to hand in her story. She also gives her some advice as she knows Cath struggles with writing fiction other than Simon Snow. 

Cath goes through a series of ups and downs. The book captures her experiences very well. This book has its equal share of humour, friendship and love which will keep you glued to it.

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  1. I absolutely loved this book! Have you read Eleanor and Park as well?x

  2. I started reading Eleanor and Park right afterwards, now I'm back at school and I'm short on time. Hopefully I can finish it soon.