My Jewellery Story♡*

July 13, 2015

I have not always been a big fan of jewellery.  Let's just say I had my mind on other things during the first few years of life. These include catching bugs and trying to prove that fairies do, in fact,  exist (which I am still working on).

Years have passed and I have learnt a few lessons, which I will list for you:
● Kidnapping bugs is totally not cool
● Bugs don't survive in plastic jars
● Fairies won't come running out when you throw water onto the flowers but it is a good way of tricking someone into watering the garden
● Jewellery is quite beautiful and is an amazing way to transform an entire outfit

Woah,  I'm getting carried away talking about fairies,  bugs and my wonderful childhood. Now back to the jewellery.  I am not sure when it captured my attention and I fell in love with it but I am guessing it was around 2013 when I got a free bracelet with a copy of the Salt Water Girl magazine (which they don't sell in inland provinces anymore and that kinda sucks).

In 2013 I also decided to get my ears repierced (long story). I guess you could say 2013 was a crazy year, free bracelets, pierced ears and that was also my first year of high school. 
I now have a growing jewellery collection which I am rather proud of.  I keep it in a round tin which I found somewhere between my mother's old possessions.  It is  beautiful and believe me, it is a jewel itself.

In my jewellery box I keep just about everything, ranging from rings to ear cuffs and a whole lot of chokers which I have recently been obsessed with.  One piece that stands out however,  is a little gold necklace. It was given to my mother and she handed it down to me.

It is a simple, old style that makes a few people feel nostalgic.  It is not easy to find these  days and it hangs perfectly around my neck. It has no pendant and it is simply a delicate beauty.  I absolutely love the minimalistic design.

I have tried it on a couple of times but I am still waiting for that special day to wear it out. I think I am going to save it for my matric dance. The necklace is older than me and any item older than me never fails to make me feel some kind of excitement.

The necklace posses countless stories and has been through so much. I am hoping to create some wonderful memories with it which I will one day pass down to others.

I have realized that jewellery is not only a piece of decoration but it can also contain a piece of history.  It is almost as though it is a time machine.

I recently discovered the website Invaluable. It is an online auction market for art, antiques, collectibles and more. They have a wide selection of jewellery to choose from. Ranging from earrings, necklaces, braclets to pendants, pins, brooches and that is just to name a few.

It is perfect for finding a piece of jewellery that you can create a story behind and pass down from generation to generation.

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