My Inspo Board♡

July 28, 2015

Today I decided to get a little creative. I took out all my paints, oils pastels, mettalic markers, old magazines and a big piece of cardboard. I really love putting things up on my wall, I was planning on putting all sorts of things that inspire me and then hanging it up. Last year my wall was covered with One Direction, 5SOS and Austin Mahone (ah those were the days).

My inspiration board however headed for a different path. Whilst looking through the magazines I came across really cool pictures which I just had to use. I guess it went from a inspiration board to a board of really awesome pictures. 

I thought I would share my little board with the world because I think it's really cool.

I drew a daisy because it is my favourite flower. I just love daisies, they're are so simple yet beautiful. If you ever want to earn a special spot in my heart just buy me daisies. Okay? Okay. 

The Roman Colloseum is amazing. Oh by the way Im totally crazy about Italy. It is one of the most wonderful countries I would like to visit one day. The architecture is beautiful and it's culture intrigues. Hopefully I can get a chance to explore Italy in the near future. 

The heart shaped map represents my love for travelling. Although I haven't gotten the chance to see the places I would like to. I have this urge to travel, learn and meet new people. As I have stated before and I will probably say again, I have bitten by the wanderlust bug.

The feather of the guinea fowl was given to me by my sister. She found it in the street while walking from college and thought I would like it and man was she right. It is a masterpiece! 

The model on the board is wearing the witchery S/S 14 collection. The collection is exquisite, it's the perfect example of minimalistic beauty. 

I put up the names of my favourite bloggers which are:

The text on the board are from an article titled '5 things to do right now'. I'm not sure who wrote them but I think they are great values to live by
●Stop saying yes when you want to say no
●Do what feels right
● Forgive yourself
●Forgive him/her/them
● Appreciate what failure has taught you

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