I don't feel like dressing up

July 26, 2015

I would like to apologise for my absence this week. It turns out that I somehow forgot how to manage time correctly.  It feels like it was just Monday and I blinked and now it is Sunday but time at school seems to be a drag (just had to put it out there and make things clear).

It's very cold,  waking up in the morning is very hard and it is very windy. Spring better hurry up. I think it's right time to count down to spring. You can never be too early. I think I started counting down to spring at the beginning of autumn.  It just about a month and a couple of days away and I am super excited. 

Another thing I am excited about is my online magazine, Illimitable, it launches on Saturday and I would love you could take a look and spread the word.  There's going to feature art, photography and some interesting articles from young contributers all around the world.  Isn't that just exciting? It makes me forget all about the cold weather. 

Today's outfit is very simple.  I call it the 'I don't feel like dressing up' look. Some days I just wake up not really feeling like dressing up. I think we can blame the cold weather and the exhausting school week for that.

My jeans may or may not have been ripped when I fell while ice-skating.  You probably know which one it is. I think the ice-rink did me a favour, it completed the whole edgy, rock feel to my acid wash jeans. I got my jeans from Cotton On and I think everyone needs a pair of skinny jeans.  They are versatile, simple and they make life easier except when you are trying to put them or taking off after a long day out.  Other than that they are a heaven sent gift.

The main item from my 'I don't feel like dressing up' look is definitely my sweater.  Sweaters are just perfect.  The one I'm wearing is from Mr Price, it is fun and affordable.  Sweaters come in all types of designs with different slogans, images and other things of that sort.  I could probably live in sweaters, oversized sweaters to be exact. They are just so cozy.....let me not get carried away.

Now for the rest of my outfit. An outfit is not complete without some combat boots right? In summer I'm all about jelly shoes and in winter it's all about the combat boots.  My necklace is from Jay Jays,  I got it sometime ago and it is starting to chip but I think it adds to my look.  It is just long and cool.  It is very entertaining and is great way to get yourself out of an award situation.

I wore some burgundy lipstick to add some colour and that is it for today's look.

Sweater- Mr Price
Jeans- Cotton On
Necklace- Jay Jays
Combat boots- Edgars

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